Ahsoka Tano In Traditional Jedi Clothing

I am working on a new custom model of Ahsoka Tano in a traditional Jedi clothing look. I’ll be doing this by using the CW17 Ahsoka and the The Jedi Legacy Evolutions Bultar Swan figures. I did a mock-up in Photoshop of how I want the model to look (minus the Jedi robe) when completed.

Last night I messed about trying to fix her eyes to look more like the TV character…looked OK when I was painting it, but they need to be cleaned up a bit now that I can see how they look in a close-up…still very much a WIP.

One Response to “Ahsoka Tano In Traditional Jedi Clothing”

  1. ahsoka is my hero.she is so awesome that she is a great character on clonewars.i like her clothing and i like the head gear on her head. it’s so cool.she is the best person on clonewars.

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