R2-MK Commission Piece

To create this piece I will be starting from the Comic Pack R2-D2 and painting him in the same vein as one of the concepts for the R2-MK Disney figure. I will be updating this post with daily progress photos so that direction can be offered by the client. I am really looking forward to starting this piece!!

Update 2/16/11

Today the model arrived and I dove right in! Primed his dome and the went for a silver layer…the plan was to apply Tamiya Clear Red over the freshly chromed dome, however I think I am going to go a different path. I have to make a trip to the hobby store this weekend for more foundation paints anyway so while I am there I will pick up a metallic red that matches the dome of the official R2-MK. This will leave me with the body work to do and that will begin tomorrow night.

Update 2/17/11

Worked on the legs tonight. Thinking the colors came out very close to the concept model and the official model, just less pinky which ultimate will end up matching the color of the droid’s dome when complete. Few spots need tidying up, but now that I can see them with the closeup I can tackle them better.

Update 2/18/11

Tonight I was going to work on the other leg, but decided that I need something to hold onto while working on this project so his right leg will be the last bit I do. So I cleaned up the spots on the left leg that needed to be corrected and the painted the black areas of the droid’s chest and started on the red bits on his vents. Still some bits that need tidying up, hands were a bit achy tonight due to the weather changing from cold to warm back to cold…gotta love getting old! LOL

Update 2/19/11

Today I picked up the red paint needed for his dome (enamel…I hate enamel paint, the effect is nice…I just don’t like the cleanup). So now I have to wait to see how this stuff dries…it won’t be the red chrome of the official droid, but the richness of the color is fantastic. I’ll know more in the morning when this stuff is dry and I can work on the black areas of his dome…right now it looks silly partially painted. Photographic updates coming tomorrow.

Update 2/20/11

Dried and I applied a bit of black to some of the areas…looking pretty good, much happier than I was last night.

Update 2/21/11

Tonight worked on more dome detail and cleaned up rough spots as I noticed them. Not much to show so tomorrow night’s update will have some photos of how he is coming along.

Update 2/22/11

Kept hard at him today and got more detail to his chest done. Still needs highlights to the red (as this is the base coat) and the spots that went outside the lines need to be removed, but that will be near the end of the job.

Update 2/23/11

Worked on the back of the droid today to finish up the red primed areas and added another coat of white paint to the inside of his left foot. Also applied another coat of yellow to the wires on that foot as well. Again looks rough, but that will all be sorted by the time the final protective coat goes on.

Update 2/24/11

Wife’s birthday so only cleaned up some rough spots today…more photographic updates tomorrow evening!

Update 2/25/11

Updated the red areas of his chest with more highlights giving the reds a more rich color like the concept photo, but he still needs a few layers before I’ll be happy with it.

Update 2/26/11

Few more layers to his chest and back today and began some detail work on his dome.

Update 2/27/11

More layers and and highlights today, more pics tomorrow night when there is more to show.

Update 2/28/11

More and more and more layers…hehe, cleaned up some rough spots…wish there was more to write or show, but there will be detailed photos tomorrow.

Update 3/1/11

So far the brightness of the reds is coming out nicely on his chest and back (still need to clean up the edges, but that is an easy step).Got a little creative with the yellow makings in the back of the droid…I want to add a nice bright blue light to the yellow one furthest to the right.

Update 3/2/11

Added more highlights to his dome tonight (and corrected some). By no means cleaned up, but the colors are in place.

Update 3/7/11

A concussion has had me held up the last few days, but I think that my head is getting to a point where I can focus on the task as hand…updates very soon!

Update 3/8/11

Did a little bit of work today, but my head started pounding badly so I packed it in after about an hour. So what’s different? Well, I cleaned up some of the rough edges and did a little bit of touch ups here, there and on the dome, also got the second leg nearly completed.

Update 3/9/11

Finished up the coloring on the leg (still need to go over the yellow bits with another layer or two), and cleaned up some detail on his dome. Waiting for a nice day where I can get outside and get a matte varnish on him to protect the colors, then I can get the dome finished off.

Update 3/10/11

Few more touch ups here and there, but now I’m in a holding pattern till probably Saturday as the weather looks much too moist to go outside and get the protective coat applied. Once I get the protective coat on, then it is just a matter of finishing off the dome and he is complete! I have a spare R2 of my own that I plan to run a test on when applying the protective coat to make sure all goes well.

The weather. 😦

Update 3/13/11

Weather looks good for tomorrow and I should be able to apply the protective coat and then hit the dome for the final details. More pictures tomorrow night!

Update 3/14/11

Weather was perfect today to get the protective coat onto the model, now I just need to clean up the detail of the dome and we are getting close to completion.

Update 3/15/11

Another perfect weather day to finally cap off this piece. Cleaned up some of the sketchy areas on his dome, repainted the red, touched the blacks and then added the final protective coat. Let me know what you think Spencer.





6 Responses to “R2-MK Commission Piece”

  1. Really looking faboo, very good werk.

  2. […] been working on a R2-MK commission piece for my buddy Spencer over the last little while which has been keeping me from working on […]

  3. not bad, consider using an exacto knife to lightly clean up the edges of your red paint. light scraping along the existing line mold into the plastic produces a pretty flawless straight edge πŸ˜‰

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