Kirlocca ~ Wookiee Jedi Master

I saw a wonderful conversion of a Wookiee Jedi over on the Yakface forums by Mungo Baobab. So having both of the models that Mungo used I decided to create my Wookiee Jedi, but went with an actual canonical character…Kirlocca. I repainted the Chewbacca model head to toe trying to not have him look like Chewie in a Jedi outfit but did leave the clothing the same; I was tempted to paint it in a sandy tone but instead opted to keep him all brown and dark colored. His eyes I painted a slate color…wanted go with a little color on this model, but not a blue like Chewbacca. The fur is darker than Chewie’s and has blonde highlights on his chin and above his eyebrows (his hands and legs look weird in the photograph..they aren’t that light in real life). As for his lightsaber color…there really doesn’t seem to be an inordinate amount of information on him except that he lived during the Clone Wars, died during the Clone Wars, was mild tempered for a Wookiee and that he was brown in color…so how bout a nice safe hilt hanging from his belt…cannot go wrong there can ya? His robe came from the Jedi Evolutions Qui-Gon Jinn as it is a huge robe. He no longer has waist or head articulation, but he isn’t to be played with so that doesn’t really matter and the static pose plays nicely into this character’s back story.

Kirlocca ~ Wookiee Jedi Master

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