Firkrann ~ Iron Knight Shard Jedi

So I Googled Droid Jedi and found out there were actually some…well sort of. They were force-sensitive crystal lifeforms placed into robotic bodies.

Per the Star Wars authority Wookieepedia:

Shards were a silicon-based species native to the planet Orax, who took the form of irregularly faceted cylindrical crystals thirty to forty centimeters in length. Faint pulses of light—thought signals propagating through their “brains”—could be seen inside their bodies. Shards were immobile in their natural state, but could be installed in specially modified droids.

The Iron Knights were Force-sensitive Shard that trained under the Sunesi Jedi Master Aqinos. Like all Shard, the Iron Knights required droid bodies to interact with the world, hence their name. They used Juggernaut war droids, FLTCH series droids, and Uulshos Justice droids as their hosts. Many Iron Knights took as their name that of lightsaber crystals, reflecting both their connection to the Force and their crystalline bodies.

So, while checking out the different type of droids that the Shards used I decided to go with the FLTCH series droid and one of the known Shard Jedi to use this body was Firkrann.

Firkrann was an Iron Knight, a Force-sensitive Shard Jedi who utilized an FLTCH series droid body as a host. He was trained by Jedi Master Aqinos without the approval of the Jedi Council. Like many other Iron Knights, Firkrann took a lightsaber crystal name as his own, reflecting both his connection to the Force and his crystalline body. He was destroyed in a duel with General Grievous in the fungi forests of Xagobah.

The FLTCH resembles a Super Battle Droid with a Commando Droid’s head…so I simply used those two to create my Firkrann. While having an extra purple lightsaber leftover I decided to color his eyes, as well as a spot on his chest where his crystal body was placed, purple giving this model a cohesive look.

Firkrann ~ Iron Knight Shard Jedi

2 Responses to “Firkrann ~ Iron Knight Shard Jedi”

  1. Nifty custom there BOTWT but U 4got ’bout Skippy the Jedi Droid [A.K.A.-R5-D4] seen hear:


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