Clone Wars Ahsoka CW44

I got my new CW44 Ahsoka in the mail today and to be quite honest…she is really a very good sculpt, and a really nice figure in general! We all have seen the photos online with her goofy staring eyes, but they are a simple easy fix. Also her head looks ridiculously large for her body, but not in real life…it really isn’t any more out of proportion than Shaak Ti’s head is. To corrected the issue with her eyes I enlarged her iris and then repainted the pupils. I also added a bit of shading above her eyes and under her brow to break up the area of orange skin between her white markings and her eyes.

CW44 Ahsoka with repainted eyes

2 Responses to “Clone Wars Ahsoka CW44”

  1. I like it

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