Geonosian Bounty Hunter

I picked up a Geonosian Drone on eBay cheaply and I have to say it is one hell of an awesome figure! Being that I don’t really collect armies and am not really a fan of the bugs, I decided to turn him into a Bounty Hunter. Having some leftover bits and a Count Dooku (the crappy one) I mixed the pieces together to come out with this unique fellow. Has articulation at the waist, legs, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbow and wrists…lost articulation at the neck due to the neck stump being smaller than the hole in his head, but that is OK…he is still very poseable. Did some repainting where needed and also gave him blue eyes. Added armor, double-ended lightsaber hilt, blaster rifle…this guy is ready to bring in some wanted individuals for some credits.

Geonosian Bounty Hunter

2 Responses to “Geonosian Bounty Hunter”

  1. pues mola mucho

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