YAKfinities #40 Entry: Xastur ~ The Dark Acolyte

After making my tiny Sith Apprentice I was getting ideas together for creating another Sith figure, then the YAKfinities Contest came about and a Dark or Rogue Jedi was the subject. I would have liked to enter my little tiny Sith into the competition, but I needed to create one specifically for this competition so I created Xastur, a Dark Acolyte. I wasn’t sure what to call her but then stumbled onto a Sumerian Demon called Xastur after a trip on Google. Xastur is an Arch Demoness beloved of the Ancient Ones, it is written that only the unholy may know her…so unholy, demoness, evil, why not go with that.

For her parts I went with the leftover body I had from the Sigel Dare figure, removed her cape, added a mechanical left forearm from an HK-50 Build a Droid part, added a Cad Bane right forearm, used the upper arm of the HK-50 for some mechanical bits protruding from her back. I then took the breather thingy from Cad Bane’s head and drilled holes into her sides and glued this into place. This was done to finish off the cybernetic look to her as if she has had her lungs replaced. The idea behind the forearms was that she was severely burned and that the cybernetic parts were added in order to save her limbs from being removed. I wanted her to be human-ish so I went with the Clone Wars Asajj Ventress’ head and the Clone Wars Aurra Sing’s hands…that way she looks to be of the same race as Aurra Sing without the same head. For her lightsaber I wanted to go with a dual-bladed Darth Maul type that I acquired from the Episode I Sith Accessory Pack, but instead am using two single lightsabers…and of course I used the black robe from the Sith pack.

The paint scheme was kept similar to other Sith, Darths, etc…blacks, silvers and some greys. Her skin I repainted a blotchy white to add a scarred look and added tattoos close to the ones from the pictures above. Her eyes were painted the same vein as my Yoda Sith…red rimmed iris with a yellow center and black pupil, and opted to have one milky white as if it were blind to go along with the rest of her damaged look. There was a spot on the side of her head that was left over when she was removed from the mould and decided to paint it as a scar instead of trying to smooth it out. Finally added a flight helmet I made from the leftover concept Boba Fett head for her when she flies her TIE Fighter (added 6 hash marks showing her kills).

Xastur ~ Dark Acolyte

18 Responses to “YAKfinities #40 Entry: Xastur ~ The Dark Acolyte”

  1. AWESOME!!!! she is gorgeous!!

    • Gorgeous, eh…maybe when she went to her high school prom…these days she is more of the walking dead. Hehe
      Glad you like her! πŸ˜€

  2. I love it it looks so cool. You did an awesome job, this is your best work yet. It’s so cool I think that they should sell it as an action figure.

  3. How Much U willing to sale her for? Or do you know who made her & R they willing to sale?

    • Well, actually I was the one who made her (I don’t post other people’s work on my website), and she is already the property of another collector. πŸ˜€

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        How much for U to make another. Dude she looks great & I’d love to have her in my collection. If the price is right.

      • Berl Chapman Says:

        Hey your ebay wskr14 aren’t you? I bought a figure from you early this year(Xesh). What’s up man. I hope this doesn’t make trouble. Emailing you like this.


      • Yes, wskr14 is my eBay handle.
        I’d love to make another version of her, only problem is cost. The Sigel Dare and Asajj Ventress (just two of the main pieces) are getting pretty expensive on the secondary market (eBay). I’d be happy to build another ‘Xastur’ for you at a reasonable cost if you can procure the figures needed and mail them to me. πŸ™‚

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        I’ll see if I can.

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        BerlCraig31-us that’s me. we done business before.

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        Ebay Item #’s (150887758073) (320969692206) (300769015888) (370637308131) ( 221108720366) (251093468982) I hope this helps.

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        I can get the sigel dare & looking into original asajj ventress figure.

      • Berl C. Chapman Says:

        I just got sigel & ventress. It may be some time but I’ll get them to you.

  4. Not a problem…I’m looking forward to working with you on this project! πŸ™‚
    You can always email me at my eBay handle @yahoo.com

  5. I sent you the money & parts. Your never going to send me the figure I paid you to make for me. You fucking ASSHOLE. It’s been 2 months. What the hell

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