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Clone Wars 2011 Wave 6 Preview

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Clone Wars 2011 Wave 6 Preview:

Looks like we can expect a repack of the ’08 Jar Jar Binks with his Jedi Robe; Commander Colt looks to make another round in this wave so he should be pretty easy to come by for those who have missed him the first time through. The new figures are…Jedi Master Even Piell, R7-D4 (Master Plo’s Astromech), Armored version of Savage Opress and finally Chewbacca (Kashyyyk Warrior).

Wow, what a set of figures, I cannot wait till August gets here!

Duros Sith Lord

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This Sith Lord was created from the TLC Comic Pack Ganner Krieg and CW Pirate Bike Cad Bane figures. Full repaint in five different shades of black, with a complete repaint of the head as well, now he is ready to strike fear in the hearts of those who live on the Light Side of the Force.

Duros Sith Lord

Seripas ~ Clone Wars Wave 5

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The Clone Wars Wave 5 figure of Seripas has been something I’ve been looking forward to seeing and now that I have (in the sneak peek picture above) I am most definitely getting! I don’t think I could have asked for anything more out of a figure of this character…looks like Hasbro has done one hell of a job on this one! Now just have to wait till roughly August to get my greedy hands on this guy.

Tyffix ~ Gand Jedi Master

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This figure started life as a CW51 Eeth Koth and a Saga Legends Zuckuss, and being that these two figures I had multiples of I decided to create a Gand Jedi and found that there was one called Master Tyffix. Of course the only picture I found of this character was the poor one above, so I just got creative for mine. I swapped out Koth’s lower half for the Zuckuss’ in order to achieve the squat nature of the Gand, also removed the hands and repainted them to resemble gloved clone armored hands that other Jedi from this line sport. The head and neck post were repainted to give him a different look to Zuckuss. His breather apparatus was drilled and glued into his back so that cannot be removed but the rest of the figure has full articulation.

Tyffix ~ Gand Jedi Master

KesselRunImports created a wonderful Imperial Shipyards card of this figure…KRI, that you so much, that was really awesome of you!

Shistavanen Jedi Padawan

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I created this Shistavanen Jedi Padawan using the Resurgence of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and some resin and plastic 30mm scale fantasy parts from Games Workshop and Micro Arts Studio. The lightsaber was created by cutting the middle of the green saber hilt out and using the rugged looking axe handle that was in the hand as a leather grip…attached both ends of the lightsaber to the ends of the axe handle and ta-dah, a very barbaric looking lightsaber befitting a Shistavanen. I decided not to bother with trying to find appropriate looking feet for this fellow as the added detail would be completely lost due to the length of the robes. The tribal necklace was created using a part from the Clone Wars figure Thi-Sen. For the final detail to this figure I decided to add a ponytail of sorts to the back of his head (some leftover bit that came from the Stalker Armored Marek), and in doing this I figured that I should call him a Padawan at this point.

Shistavanen Jedi Padawan

Artwork found online is by an artist named Grimedth

Ima-Gun Di (The Definitive Version)

Posted in Custom Figures, The Clone Wars on May 17, 2011 by botwt

I finally broke down and bought the CW23 Kit Fisto figure to make my General Di correctly. I hate being a perfectionist sometimes, but then again sometimes it is worth it to do it right.

Ima-Gun Di