ARC Troopers Echo & Fives

I took Echo and Fives and combined them with the Phase II ARC Troopers that came in the ARC Trooper Battle Pack.

Echo’s head was swapped with another Clone as his head was badly painted, then took and added blue stripes down his arms and on his knee pads. I made the paint look chipped and then trimmed down the blue ARC Trooper’s pauldron to show the hand print on the chest armor of Echo. The pauldron and helmet were repainted to the same blue I used for his stripes and also gave the helmet a chipped look (actually just repainted over the stock paint job which already had the chipped look).

Fives I went a different approach with…he came in a two pack with Captain Rex and decided to use Rex’s body (minus his kama) with Five’s head. Then took the pauldron and helmet from the red ARC Trooper and repainted them to match the above photo and keep with Echo’s look.

Echo & Fives in ARC Armor

3 Responses to “ARC Troopers Echo & Fives”

  1. I love Echo and Fives. They are my favorite star wars the clone wars people.

  2. i have seen every episode and i find it sad when echo dies

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