Sith In Stalker Armor

I decided to take my leftover pieces from my Starkiller figure and create a Sith wearing Stalker Armor. I wanted him to look different than just a Marek lookalike wearing this armor, plus I have already created enough chalky white or red Sith colored beings so I went with a Chiss. The blues of his skin I fell really compliment the weathered armor and the blacks of his clothing. The basic pieces used were the head and legs of the comic Infinities Vader, the torso and arms of the Stalker Armored Marek, and the middle waist thingamajig from the Saga Legends Zuckuss (yes this means you’ll be seeing some sort of Gand creation in the future…hehe). After a complete repaint he is ready to hunt down some rogue Jedi.

Stalker Armored Sith

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