Botwt As A Star Wars Figure By AFE

I was turned into a Star Wars action figure by ActionFigEmpire on He created a whole back story of my character named  Lord Tormentum, previously known as Maximarr Botwatti before his fall to the Dark Side.

Lord Tormentum, a dark lord and high inquisitor of the Sith. Opporating in secret during the Old Republic era Lord Tormentum was tasked with gathering information for the Sith about the plans of the Republic and the Jedi. A devious, twisted man, Tormentum’s only sense of joy came from ripping–sometimes literally–information from his squirming captives. Once a skilled surgeon and Jedi healer, Maximarr Botwatti was seduced by the dark side of the force and began to twist his healing powers into methods of torture. Having become Lord Tormentum, he found that through the dark side he could control machines. Overloading their power cells Tormentum forces them to discharge great bursts of electricity which he harnesses as an energy weapon. Preferring bladed instruments, Tormentum often wields vibroswords and vibroaxes. He devised a glove made of cortosis alloy coated cloth with which he could hold any overloaded energy discharging machine or instrument. This talent, along with his lighsaber, and other insidious instruments and techniques are the tools of Tormentum’s trade. His hollow laughter can be heard echoing through the corridors of his secret chambers deep beneath the soil of Korriban.

I am very flattered that he decided to make me into this character! Thanks much brother, you’re the best AFE!!!

3 Responses to “Botwt As A Star Wars Figure By AFE”

  1. My pleasure! Had a blast creating this guy for you! Thanks for the Front page treatment here! This is a great site! Look for Mr. Tormentum to be featured on the AFE blog real soon!

  2. could u make me a character im a huge star wars fan and its my dream to create star wars figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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