Shistavanen Jedi Padawan

I created this Shistavanen Jedi Padawan using the Resurgence of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and some resin and plastic 30mm scale fantasy parts from Games Workshop and Micro Arts Studio. The lightsaber was created by cutting the middle of the green saber hilt out and using the rugged looking axe handle that was in the hand as a leather grip…attached both ends of the lightsaber to the ends of the axe handle and ta-dah, a very barbaric looking lightsaber befitting a Shistavanen. I decided not to bother with trying to find appropriate looking feet for this fellow as the added detail would be completely lost due to the length of the robes. The tribal necklace was created using a part from the Clone Wars figure Thi-Sen. For the final detail to this figure I decided to add a ponytail of sorts to the back of his head (some leftover bit that came from the Stalker Armored Marek), and in doing this I figured that I should call him a Padawan at this point.

Shistavanen Jedi Padawan

Artwork found online is by an artist named Grimedth


2 Responses to “Shistavanen Jedi Padawan”

  1. Kai Dasbach Says:

    A perfect sculpt head!
    That´s customizing in perfection!
    That´s what we love to see.
    Best regards from Germany!

  2. did u use eeth coths body?

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