Human, Togruta & Astromech Smuggler Team

After seeing several people use the Crystal Skull Film Indiana Jones head on some of their pieces I decided to pick one up on the cheap and use him to create this unique smuggler (or an aged Han Solo). I took the the body, arms and thighs of the Pirate Bike Cad Bane, the head of the Dr. Jones figure, the lower legs from the Clone Wars Eeth Koth, hands from Resurgence of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and a vest from a Legacy Han Solo. With a bit of repainting this aging starship pilot was completed.

His young Togruta co-pilot was created using the leftover body of the Clone Wars Asajj Ventress I had and the head of the Clone Wars Spacesuit Ahsoka Tano. Repainted her head and upper body and she was ready to go. When I repainted her head I decided to give her eyes the same look that the movie version of Shaak Ti had…all black, I think this gives her a more serious look. Also provided her a breather mask from the Legacy Han Solo I pinched the vest from for my human smuggler.

The R2 Astromech droid is a repaint of the Clone Wars R2-D2 in blues, blacks and some metallics.

Human & Togruta Smugglers with their Astromech


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