Create A Custom Wookielover1138 Contest

Imperial Shipyards is hosting a “Custom Create a Wookielover1138 Contest” and I figured why the hell not participate! A very different idea from the typical contests where you’d create a Jedi or Bounty Hunter or what-have-you (not that I’m knocking those ideas…it’s just a really cool idea to create an actual Star Wars fan). Now, I know alot of people will be using the GI Joe Baroness head as a starting point, but I am going with a slightly different angle for my entry…I am choosing the 25th Anniversary Scarlett figure to work from and am going for the animated Clone Wars look to this project instead of a realistic version. I pinched the head, gloves and lower legs from that figure and added them to the Clone Wars Aurra Sing…followed that up with a complete repaint of the model.

Jenn (Wookielover1138) posted a picture of her tattoos that I tried to emulate onto the figure…however I could only do the neck tattoo due to issues with the flesh colored paint not wanting to play nice at the joints.


Now that this figure is completed I plan on donating her to a sick little Star Wars fan named Eli (he has Fanconi Anemia) that Action Figure Empire has been sending toy donations to. The thought that sending him another Stormtrooper just wasn’t going to cut it with me, so here is his very own bounty hunter Wookielover1138. Enjoy the figure little man and feel better soon!

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