Dark Lord Baël

After seeing both Thor and The Rite with Anthony Hopkins in the last couple of weeks I decided to create a Hopkins Sith Lord from the Darth Nihilus and Odin figures. Really not a huge undertaking as far as joining the parts (as shown in the concept Photoshop image below), but the real work came in while repainting the Odin head. I wanted to use the image of Hopkins from The Rite (shown below) while he was possessed by the demon Baël in the film…rather creepy with all the veins popping out around his eyes and forehead.

I gave the head a black primer coat then painted his hair a base coat of Games Workshop’s Astronomican Grey which I highlighted up from there; his skin tones were varying shades of Dwarf Flesh mixed with whites to get a nice 3D look to the skin…then I applied thin blue-green “veins” around his eyes, forehead and cheeks. After those layers were dried I applied another very thinned coat of the flesh colored paint over the veins again to give depth to the skin.

Dark Lord Baël

Not the best photos…still trying to get used to my new camera. Hehe

2 Responses to “Dark Lord Baël”

  1. Love this figure! Awesome paint application!

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