Upcoming Clone Wars Boss Figure

Alot of people on the different message boards have been speculating whether or not the new upcoming Boss action figure in the Clone Wars line will have articulation at the knees. In my own personal opinion after looking at the two new images of this figure I’d have to lean towards ‘no’. I blew up the image of the carded figure and you can clearly see that the left knee is in the same position as the image of the loose figure.

While the figure looks stunning, I know that if he doesn’t have bendable knees and he ends up in my collection, I will definitely be removing his lower half and replacing his legs with another better articulated Clone. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.

* Update 2/4/12 *

Here is a higher resolution picture of the Boss figure’s legs…still no¬†definitive proof they are one solid piece, but it sure looks like it.


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