TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest ~ Sith Warrior

I only played the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game for the first few levels (my friend’s account) which is what gave me the idea for this Sith Warrior. I believe that the only races you could be for the Sith Warrior were the Sith Pureblood, Zabrak, Human and the Cyborg Human, but I decided to create an Aqualish Sith even though there isn’t an option for one in the game…hell, I just wanted to be creative and different.

So for this piece I used the Vintage Collection VC79 Darth Sidious’ waist and legs, the 30th Anniversary Collection Concept Boba Fett’s torso and arms and the 30th Anniversary Collection Po Nudo’s head and hands. I went with the Concept Boba Fett’s upper body because the armor (though concept Mandalorian) didn’t resemble a current species already and figured it would offer up a convincing look for my Sith. The paint job included everything from the waist up, and I went with the sickly look to his skin (similar to a Darth Malgus or even Sidious himself) from the results of the poll I posted earlier. I considered going with armored legs as well, but opted for a Sith Warrior that wasn’t all decked out just yet…maybe he is just a fledgling warrior.

I also created a unique looking lightsaber for this guy as well. It is half of a Darth Maul double-bladed saber and a leftover Clone Wars Asajj Ventress holoreceiver I had laying about.

Sith Warrior

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