Bo-Katan’s Helmet

Well, my MS has been causing my hands to be pretty shaky lately and I wanted the helmet of this custom to really stand out, so I commissioned the work to a friend of mine in Britain…WOW!! Kev knocked this helmet out of the park, now to show his paint job proper respect I’m going to have to bring my A game to the rest of her body armor!

Thank you again Kev for the help, you’re awesome!! 

2 Responses to “Bo-Katan’s Helmet”

  1. I’ve had similar problems with steady painting since a surgery I had a few years ago, really made it so I can’t focus well with my dominant eye. Any time there’s some really fine detail I can’t quite manage, I call upon the wife for some help. Nothing wrong with getting a little assistance on a custom! Kev did a great job on the helmet, it’s sure to be a great figure when it’s done!

    • Thanks mate, and I’m sorry to hear about your focusing issues…I can relate, have a slight vision issue that comes and goes due the the MS and when it crops up on me it is thankfully not more than a couple of days (makes focusing in on close-ups and reading things at a distance a little wonky).
      Wishing you a speedy recovery Dan. 😀

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