Bo-Katan (Animated)

I was really happy that the 30th Anniversary Collection Isabet Reau figure’s torso complimented the CW11 Aurra Sing’s waist. Attaching her head required a little modification to her neck stump, and did need to sculpt some lower bits of armor to match up with Reau’s torso. I had considered making a bare head for Katan based off of Dave Filoni’s painting of her, but thought better of it as I wanted my friend Kev’s paint job on the helmet to be the focal point of this figure.

Bo-Katan (Animated) 

4 Responses to “Bo-Katan (Animated)”

  1. Nice work and love the site Bro. Check it daily. I customize myself and get really good ideas from others with the same passion. The Mando chick was an awesome blend of different figures, awesome.

  2. Nice job! The figure looks fantastic! 🙂

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