Kitbashed Phase II Captain Rex

Nothing crazy here, just three different Captain Rex figures bashed together to create a fully articulated Phase II Captain Rex. I used the original Rex for the body, the head from the 2011 Jetpack Rex and the helmet and pauldron from the new 2012 Phase II Rex. The knock on the 2012 Rex was how large the helmet looked on the figure (not to mention the lack of articulation), but when used on the old Rex, it fits to scale and looks proportionate.

Phase II Captain Rex

2 Responses to “Kitbashed Phase II Captain Rex”

  1. How did you get the head from the 2011 Rex to fit on the old body? Or which Rex did you use cause I’ve tried several and none of them have fit

    • I believe it was the Rex that came with Echo, I however swapped out his blue hand with another Rex. The neck post was a little bit bigger, but the softness of the 2011 Rex’s head allowed it to fit onto the older body…snugly, but it fits and moves around just fine.

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