Clone Wars Styled Zuckuss & 4-LOM

I decided to create my version of Zuckuss & 4-LOM in the animated Clone Wars style by basing them off of the original Empire Strikes Back figures I had when I was a kid. Picked up both of the Vintage characters on eBay…I bought very used pieces as they were going to be dismantled and restored/repainted, so couldn’t justify spending alot just to end up taking them apart.

For the 4-LOM figure used the head from the original ‘Zuckuss’ and the body of the Clone Wars 4A-7 droid. I restored the head by soaking it in hydrogen peroxide for a few days (did the same with the ‘4-LOM’ head), trimmed down the mould lines that were present from the original casting, removed the ball jointed neck post from the 4A-7 head and glued it to the Vintage head, and then repainted the chipped paint on his eyes. I then added the red symbol to his chest and finished him off with the appropriate blaster rifle.

Zuckuss was a bit more involved, but not substantially. I started by using the Clone Wars Jawa (the larger of the two) as the base for his body, removed the head and the harness…I had considered replacing the hands but opted to leave them as is. The original figure was stripped of his robe, head and breather harness. I trimmed down the robe to fit the new body and also removed one of the front flap things at the bottom of the harness to better fit his new body. Gave the head some touch-ups as well as the harness and added the blaster that came with the Saga Legends Zuckuss as a finishing touch.

Clone Wars Styled Zuckuss & 4-LOM


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