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Sith In Stalker Armor

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Custom Figures, Force Unleashed on May 11, 2011 by botwt

I decided to take my leftover pieces from my Starkiller figure and create a Sith wearing Stalker Armor. I wanted him to look different than just a Marek lookalike wearing this armor, plus I have already created enough chalky white or red Sith colored beings so I went with a Chiss. The blues of his skin I fell really compliment the weathered armor and the blacks of his clothing. The basic pieces used were the head and legs of the comic Infinities Vader, the torso and arms of the Stalker Armored Marek, and the middle waist thingamajig from the Saga Legends Zuckuss (yes this means you’ll be seeing some sort of Gand creation in the future…hehe). After a complete repaint he is ready to hunt down some rogue Jedi.

Stalker Armored Sith


Lord Starkiller (Dark Lord’s Armor)

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Custom Figures, Force Unleashed on May 8, 2011 by botwt

Try as I might the Dark Lord’s Armor of the photo above wasn’t going to happen, after several attempts I decided to limit my frustration and he is now wearing the Botwt-ized Mark II Dark Lord’s Armor. Hehe

So basically what we have here is the Stalker Armor version of the Secret Apprentice and the Infinities Comic Darth Vader. Mingled a bunch of the parts of each together, repainted the entire top half of the figure and the lightsaber sash of the Stalker Apprentice figure and here you have it.

Lord Starkiller (Dark Lord’s Armor)

Kyuzo Jedi Knight

Posted in Custom Figures, Force Unleashed, Legacy Collection, The Clone Wars on April 21, 2011 by botwt

I was truly inspired by Tokiravensky over on, he made this amazing Jedi Embo conversion that I knew I just had to try to emulate. So I picked up a second Embo and swapped his head and hands onto a Jedi Evolutions Qui-Gon Jinn figure and gave him the Galen Marek scarf like Tokiravensky’s version has. For his lightsaber I melded two Kenobi lightsabers together like a double sided Darth Maul style weapon to give this Samurai like Jedi a different and dangerous look. Thank you Tokiravensky for your inspiration…you are a true visionary mate!

Kyuzo Jedi Knight