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Darth Maul’s Battle Damaged Lightsaber

Posted in The Clone Wars, Vintage Collection on September 23, 2012 by botwt

I got the new Darth Maul Returns Battle Pack from Target today and I wanted Maul to be wielding his battle damaged lightsaber like they depicted in The Clone Wars last season…so I grabbed some pictures off Google and went to town on my spare VC86 Darth Maul lightsaber.

I started by trying to cut the hilt at a slight angle as it shows in the photos above, taped up the red blade and primed the hilt black. Used Games Workshop paints to repaint it in a dulled steel color scheme and finished it off by adding the red nut screws and some scoring on the bottom of the hilt where it was cut but Kenobi’s lightsaber.

Darth Maul’s Battle Damaged Lightsaber


Mon Calamari Sith Lord

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Custom Figures, Vintage Collection on March 18, 2012 by botwt

Found this awesome artwork online and thought that it would make for a really cool looking Sith character. I used the head and arms from the Legacy Collection Comic Pack Ibtisam figure and the 30th Anniversary Sith Evolutions Darth Maul to make this model. Repainted the head and forearms to match up with the tattooed Sith body and gave his eyes a high gloss almost shark look to them as to look more evil.

Mon Calamari Sith Lord

IG-88 (Animated Version)

Posted in Custom Figures, The Clone Wars, Vintage Collection on February 22, 2012 by botwt

I used the Clone Wars IG-86 Assassin Droid and added parts from the IG-88 from the Vintage Collection 3-Pack with Bossk, IG-88, Snowtrooper (Target Exclusive).

IG-88 (Animated Version)

TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest ~ Final Entry

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Contests, Custom Figures, The Clone Wars, Vintage Collection, Vintage Original Trilogy on February 21, 2012 by botwt

And here are the three customs that I will enter into the TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest. The Sith Pureblood Inquisitor, the Aqualish Sith Warrior and the Prototype T7 Astromech Droid.

You can enter the contest up till 11:59 PM Central Standard Time, Monday April 30, 2012 at these website addresses:

TOR Sith Warrior #2

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Custom Figures, Vintage Collection on February 17, 2012 by botwt

Having a series of leftover parts from the Sith Inquisitor and the Sith Warrior, and feeling motivated, I decided to put them to some use and create a Sith Warrior that resembled the above screen shot from the game trailer…however with a little creative flare thrown in for good measure.

The basic figure was created from the hands, legs and head of the 30th Anniversary Collection Concept Boba Fett, the upper body, waist and arms of the 30th Anniversary Collection Po Nudo, the 30th Anniversary Collection Darth Nihilus’ cape and the Vintage Collection VC79 Darth Sidious’ hood and lightsaber.

I like him, but I’m not sure he’s good enough to be entered into the TOR Contest…I’ll have to wait to see how the droid I’m making turns out.

Sith Warrior #2

TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest ~ Sith Warrior

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Contests, Custom Figures, The Clone Wars, Vintage Collection on February 15, 2012 by botwt

I only played the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game for the first few levels (my friend’s account) which is what gave me the idea for this Sith Warrior. I believe that the only races you could be for the Sith Warrior were the Sith Pureblood, Zabrak, Human and the Cyborg Human, but I decided to create an Aqualish Sith even though there isn’t an option for one in the game…hell, I just wanted to be creative and different.

So for this piece I used the Vintage Collection VC79 Darth Sidious’ waist and legs, the 30th Anniversary Collection Concept Boba Fett’s torso and arms and the 30th Anniversary Collection Po Nudo’s head and hands. I went with the Concept Boba Fett’s upper body because the armor (though concept Mandalorian) didn’t resemble a current species already and figured it would offer up a convincing look for my Sith. The paint job included everything from the waist up, and I went with the sickly look to his skin (similar to a Darth Malgus or even Sidious himself) from the results of the poll I posted earlier. I considered going with armored legs as well, but opted for a Sith Warrior that wasn’t all decked out just yet…maybe he is just a fledgling warrior.

I also created a unique looking lightsaber for this guy as well. It is half of a Darth Maul double-bladed saber and a leftover Clone Wars Asajj Ventress holoreceiver I had laying about.

Sith Warrior

TOR Combined Sites Custom Contest ~ Sith Inquisitor (Completed)

Posted in 30th Anniversary Collection, Contests, Custom Figures, The Clone Wars, Vintage Collection on February 6, 2012 by botwt

Finally finished with my Sith Pureblood Inquisitor. I figured that the head is the most impressive part of this figure and did not want to take away from it by cluttering up the figure with lots of different parts and paint schemes; not to mention that the artwork I drew my inspiration from seemed to lean toward a black robed figure. So the parts used for this model were the 30th Anniversary The Sith Evolutions Darth Sidious body and hands, the Vintage Collection Darth Sidious’ robe and lightsaber (with a slight repaint of the hilt) and the Clone Wars Captain Rex head.

Sith Pureblood Inquisitor