The Guy Who Writes This Crap

Here ya go…a blogger that knows jack about $hit…except eating, drinking and cigars. Still trying to figure out this collecting and converting thing, but do OK for a neurologically damaged oaf. Married for the last 8 years to my great wife that allows me to spend loads of cash on my hobbies and to act like an over sized child of 40 years…but I’m sure that fills her need to mother something. I was only 7 years old when Star Wars came out and became an instant fan, but until recently I have been out of the collecting game and have started back up with a few of the Clone Wars figures. I think I like them because of the cartoony-ness of them reminds me of the original figures I collected when I was a kid.

Hope this blog encourages you in your collecting and customizing of Star Wars figures. 🙂



“A painting is never finished–it simply stops in interesting places.” — Paul Gardner


3 Responses to “The Guy Who Writes This Crap”

  1. I was looking for where to locate you on The Yards, but couldn’t find it…hopefully you get this! You’re blog and customs are awesome, I plan on using several in the Kessel Run Review with your permission:) For the Season 2 Premier on May 13th I’d love to use Kirlocca-Wookie Jedi Master!!! If you would be up for this please send me an email with your mods to, I can use the pics from your blog most likely. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work:)

  2. your action figures are so awesome you should think about making a second of them and then selling them you would probubly make alot of money

  3. I am dying for your Bo figure! As the first Bo-Katan in the 501st (BH-5361) and the webmistress of The Daughters of Death Watch ( I would love to know if you ever put these up for sale or would consider doing another?

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